Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This looks sort of yummy...

If I ever take information from somewhere, I promise I will do my best to give specific credit, or at least acknowledge that it wasn't my idea.  I think I may have my pot pie recipe.  I love the internet.  Here is the link for the recipe page:
I am going to be pretty busy at home and work until Sunday, so maybe that will be the day.  I will keep you "posted"!
Love and iron,


  1. Having recently seen you in cast iron action, I am wondering a couple of things. When do you typically throw down a layer of parchment paper? Is there a particular type of recipe that works well with versus different types of recipes?

    Also, can you use aluminum foil

  2. That totally cut off my question mark at the end.

  3. I go back and forth on parchment paper. For messy stuff, or if I am not browning meat, I like it. Breads are nice for pulling them out of the pot. I read "The Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking" by J. Wayne Fears (loved it) and he talks alot about using wire racks and pie pans inside of the dutch as a way of easing cleaning and handling. Not sure about the aluminum foil, but I'll find out.