Monday, January 24, 2011


I just used my 12" skillet to brown some maple Jimmey Dean sausage and then used the leftover grease to fry up some shredded potatos.  I am making a mountain man breakfast in a caserole dish in the oven for dinner (feeling a bit under the weather and didn't want to stand around outside).  After laying everything in the dish, ovening it, and then cleaning the skillet, I was shocked to find a 8" brown stain across the bottom of the skillet.  I don't know if it is spontaneous rust, scorched potato, grease, or some trans-dimensional being who has decided to use my pan as a portal into this world...  I oiled it up and threw it into the oven for now.  I must communicate with one of my gurus.  :(


  1. So it would seem I have an answer to my own question as to how that could have happened... It looks like I used too high a level of heat. I now have to steel wool and reseason that beautiful pan to restore it's glory. Serves me right. So the key for using a cast iron skillet on a ceramic stovetop is medium heat. The pan will take care of the rest!

  2. I have always been under the impression that ceramic stovetops couldn't handle standard cast iron. That's why I have the enamel-coated one, so I can use it inside as well. Does this mean it's time to go shopping?