Monday, January 17, 2011


That level of excitement can only mean one thing...  My 2qt was delivered!  I feel positively giddy.  In addition to that, my store's (Army Navy Outdoors) fill-in order came in.  There were some cool pieces that we received, including a wok (special order), a 1qt, more of the 2-handled 17" skillets, and some cleaning accessories.  Yes, I am excited about cleaning tools.  Mom would be so proud.  So, my collection is complete, at least for now.  I will be pulling a potpie recipe very soon to christen the 2qt, and will post the recipe and pix of the finished product, or action photos of me getting my stomach pumped, whichever direction things go...  Love and iron, Del

Here is the store display of our selection, lovingly designed by my colleague and friend Kyle and myself...  Note the behemoth 17" skillet.  Mmmmm.

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  1. Yeah, baby! That's MY 17 inch skillet! I'm coming for ya Bessy! I'm coming for ya!