Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the subject of web photo albums

I am still trying to make the web photo album work.  -D


Okay, so I got the wok!  I know I said no more, but this was my anniversary gift.  15 years is a good run so far, so I think cast iron is as good as crystal...  It is the Lodge cast iron wok and it is beautiful.  My wife busted me watching videos online... videos of someone seasoning a wok!  I felt so dirty.

After much consideration, I christened it with olive oil, vegetable oil, and a pound of ground pork (along with some minced garlic).  I started by cleaning it thoroughly to remove the wax coating.  I put it on a stove burner and filled it half way with water and a drop of Dawn dish soap, along with a quarter cup of vinegar.  As it warmed up over medium heat, I scrubbed the inside out with a stiff brush.  When I felt like I had done enough, I dumped it and started pouring vinegar onto the inverted outside over the sink and scrubbing that side as well.  A good rinse and the back to the stovetop. 

I started with a dab of pork to produce a little fatty oil.  It didn't actually work so well at first, because there wasn't enough meat to produce the volume of oil needed.  There was a little sticking and I had to pour a little vinegar and water in and scrub the bottom out.  Next spoonfull of meat was preceded by a dab of oil that was wiped around.  It still didn't make much oil, but it didn't stick this time.  Dumped that, wiped out and oiled, and then a full pound of nice fatty ground pork.  It sizzled and oozed grease beautifully.  I moved it around, and wiped it up the sides, smearing the grease everywhere.  I dumped in a tbsp of minced garlic for flavor.  At the same time, I randomly made a pot of herbed couscous.  I thought it would make a decent base to dump the pork into.  I mixed it in and tried it out.  Fantastic!

When I was done, there was enough oil left over in the bottom of the wok that I wiped it around and coated the entire inside.  After it cooled down, I ran some hot water and scrubbed it again.  One more light rubbing of oil, and it looks ready for the next meal!

Happy anniversary to me!

Love and iron,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pictures and posts!

I swear that before this day is over I will add the photoalbum feature and make a significant post!