Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates, and confirmation that Jacksonville is the center of the universe.

I spent the day hunting and gathering.  I got my new netbook, upon which I am currently posting.  I went to Sam's, where I was shocked to find they do not carry canned pie filling or cake mixes.  Off to Wally's for extreme shopping.  Cashiers are surprisingly unobservant, though.  If you helped someone ring up around 50 cans of food, along with numerous dry goods, wouldn't you think "This person is either paranoid, or they know somethign I don't...".  I guess just having read Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank makes me think that way.  Anyhow, as I was not at work as planned for the day, I was not there to receive some recipes being delivered by John Howard, Dutch Oven Genius.  When I called him, I found that he was home.   As I was out and about, I offered to come to him.  As he listed the directions, I was needless to say surprised.  He lives a block away from me.  I should mention that I have been trying to get together with him for about 2 months to play Q&A with a great source of knowledge.  One of the challenges was factoring in the travel time adding to the time away from the house and litany of day to day responsibilities.  And he is literally a 5 minute walk door-to-door.   Stunning.  Anyway, I got a great recipe to add to the Saturday repertoire.  Expect many pictures and recipes to follow.  Please feel free to comment on the inanity of my drivel.
Love and iron, Del.

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