Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lucky guy.

A customer in the store bought a 17" skillet yesterday. As soon as I saw it in his hands I started talking with him.  I believe by the end of the conversation he feared I was going to get in his car with him.  I love the 17", and someone making that sort of purchase is clearly serious about his cast iron, so I felt kindred.  On the persoanl purchase front, I almost fell.  The fact that I was willing to is failure enough, but I almost bought another piece of cast iron.  It was the lower half of a cast iron cauldron on medium length legs.  My mother in law found it at a clearance center.  I hesitated for a day or two, allowing fate to weigh in.  Probably a good sign that it wasn't right.  I only wanted it for the uniqueness, not the practicality.  When she heard from her mom that I was interested in the item, her text to me was "More cast iron? Really?".  We agreed though that my next piece can be my urn.  Could be inconvenient if I end up getting the wok or hibachi from Lodge...
Love and iron, Del

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